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Aliasgar Lokhandwala - A word from the author

I'm the developer for Penny Post. I designed this project as part of my Masters course in Computer Security at the University of Birmingham, UK. I was however not alone in this endeavour, so do read the acknowledgements! I appreciate your interest in this project and I hope you like it and will continue to support it. I've designed this extension in my own time and tried my best to make it good and compatible on most systems.

Penny Post has come a long way with your support. Most critical bug reports have been fixed and the project is now in a fairly stable state. There are a couple of feature requests that would make it much better than it is at present but due to my time commitments I may not implement them quickly enough.
I cannot stress enough that Penny Post is open source and you are welcome and encouraged to fix bugs and implement these features if you can. Then remember to send in your patches to me. You can always get the latest sources from CVS.

If you would like to translate penny post to your language, please submit a feature request and I will contact you and tell you how you can do this.

Finally, if you like Penny Post and use it, remember to leave feedback about your experience!

Thank You,

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