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Penny Post Headers

This document describes the headers inserted by PennyPost in outgoing email.


PennyPost inserts headers for HashCash compatible with the formats described at hashcash.org.

Hashcash version 0 header
x-hashcash: 0:070812:test@fun.com:2791d450:2973b1d3
x-hashcash: Stamp version:Stamp generation date (YYMMDD):Recipient email:Stamp Id:Stamp value

Hashcash version 1 header
x-hashcash: 1:20:070812:test@fun.com:IP=
x-hashcash: Stamp version:StampCost:Stamp generation date (YYMMDD):Recipient email:Extended data:Stamp Id:Stamp value


MBound version 0 header
x-mbound: 0:10:100:070812:test@fun.com:IP=
x-mbound: Stamp version:StampCost:Stamp depth:Stamp generation date (YYMMDD):Recipient email:Extended data:Stamp Id:Stamp value

Stamp Protocols

This header tells the recipient the stamp protocols recognised by the sender and their minimum costs acceptable to the sender. This is just an informative header.

x-stampprotocols: mbound:0:10:3000:5000;hashcash:1:20

Each supported protocol is provided together with its limit arguments. Multiple protocols are separated by a single semi-colon (;). The protocol that appears first is preferred compared to others.

MBound Protocol

HashCash Protocol

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