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PennyPost - Combat spam, Stamp your email!


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Welcome to the PennyPost Wiki

Penny Post is a system to combat spam or junk by making the sender pay for email by spending a few seconds of computing time. Outgoing mail is marked with PostageStamps that convince the receiver that the sender is genuine.

You might want to read WhyPennyPostWorks.

PennyPost - ThunderbirdExtension

The latest stable version of the ThunderbirdExtension is 1.5.3 and can be downloaded here.
The extension needs to be configured immediately after installation. See the configuration guide.
You might also want to read the ExtensionFAQ and the complete ExtensionDocumentation

PennyPost - CommandLine

The latest stable version of PennyPost is 1.2 and can be downloaded here.
You might want to read the CommandLineDocumentation

PennyPost - Computational Proof For Spam Fighting

PennyPost - Developers

PennyPost Acknowledgements

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