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Regular Expressions

The ThunderbirdExtension accepts limited standard regular expression syntax for specifying patterns to match email adresses with under Email address setup.

Email Setup

This guide assumes some fimiliarity with regular expressions. However, most users will only need some basic regular expressions and these can be copied from the examples below.

Allowing all addresses for a certain domain

Suppose all mail sent to anyAddress@<yourDomain>.com comes to you, you can enter the following regular expression in the email addresses field: \S+@yourDomain\.com
Similarly use \S+@yourDomain\.co\.uk for a .co.uk ending domain.

Allowing a certain address from any domain

If you use the same email address for all domains (e.g. <myName>@yahoo.com, <myName>@hotmail.com) then the following regular expression will help: myName@\S+\.\S+

Allowing any address containing your name

If you wish to allow any address containing <myName> use the following expression: \S*myName\S*@\S+\.\S+

If you want to understand how these work please read the regular expression syntax.

You can test your regular expressions before using them using the Regular expressions tester provided. Enter only one email addresses at a time in the Type in email address to test box.

The trick is to keep regular expressions simple. Remember you can always add more than one regular expression or email address seperated by a comma in the Email address setup.

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