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Why Penny Post Works

Penny Post is an innovative method for combating SPAM without resorting to trial-error approaches like SPAM filters. The idea behind it is that the sender must pay for emails sent. This payment is made in terms of computer time rather than money. The additional computer time is small, about 3-5 seconds per recipient. This time is based on the StampCost.

PennyPost PostageStamps cannot be forged and their validity can be verified quickly by the recipient. Messages with invalid or no stamps can be considered Junk with a high probability because spammers cannot afford to compute stamps for SPAM messages. Spammers send thousands of emails every second, and will require lots of computer time if they were to start spending 5 seconds per recipient for generating PostageStamps! So it is un-economical for them to stamp SPAM mails they send out.

The email postage system is not here to replace the traditional trial-error SPAM detection system but rather to enhance it. Messages with valid PostageStamps can be safely allowed through, without checking the message body or marking the message as junk. This means stamped messages are less likely to be accidentally rejected as Junk.

If you are designing a SPAM Filter, make sure you allow stamped messages through. Check the headers to look out for in stamped mails.

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